Emily's Story - moving into a purpose-driven role

Emily Goetsch, Acre

What inspired you to work with FIFTEEN WEST?

Working with FIFTEEN WEST has been a pleasure. The team was working with some great clients, and I was thrilled by the opportunity with Acre. It was clear that Pru, Lisa and the team build strong relationships with their clients, and FIFTEEN WEST was able to share encouraging insight into the role and the company; I felt supported throughout the whole recruitment process. For all of these reasons, we continue to work with FIFTEEN WEST as the team at Acre grows. It’s been lovely to get to know other members of their team as I take on more hiring responsibilities, and I know they’re just a phone call away if I have questions or need any help.

How has the new job impacted your life?

Taking up the role with Acre was probably the best decision I could have made. I love working with sustainability professionals, and it’s an absolute privilege to work with a diverse range of clients and candidates on an even more diverse range of projects. I have the opportunity to speak with very clever people solving the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges, and I feel fortunate to be a part of their journeys.

In addition to the work dimension, working for Acre has been hugely positive personally. I love our culture and working as a large team to drive impact. It’s been an incredibly supportive environment, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to build strong friendships and working relationships across all parts of our business. I’m also much more aware of ways in which I can live more sustainably, and that has filtered into my everyday thoughts, choices, and actions in a considerable way.

Any advice for those looking to getting into recruitment? 

As someone who spent a number of years in academia before going into recruitment, I think my biggest advice would be to keep an open mind and think about how you can utilise your experience, interests and insights in the space. There is the opportunity to learn an incredible amount about people, industries, different cultures, and how the world works, and I think that is often overlooked when people initially think about recruitment. Additionally, in recruitment you are in the very privileged position of not only helping organisations grow, develop and create impact, but also of supporting individuals as they make big choices about their careers, which may have significant implications for their families and personal lives. It’s so important to be honest, build trust, and think laterally, so finding your voice and investing in each recruitment process is key.

Would you recommend FIFTEEN WEST to others?

Having worked with FIFTEEN WEST as a candidate, and as a client, I can confidently recommend their team on both fronts! Everyone I’ve worked with has been very communicative, supportive and forward-thinking. They know the ins and outs of recruitment and, to top it off, are a really fun bunch!