Georgia Nixon on being a female leader in Recruitment

November 30, 2022
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Delighted to bring you our next episode of FIFTEEN MINUTES with FIFTEEN WEST.

Georgia Nixon runs Spencer Ogden in New York. She has worked for the business for 9 years in Asia and USA. Georgia is one of the most inspiration female leaders in the USA so you don’t want to miss this!

Lisa Walder chats to Georgia about:

  • Spencer Ogden’s mission and why she is still so excited about the business! – Being a female leader in recruitment an how Spencer Ogden supports her and others to be successful
  • Why people are her focus for 2023 and how she is building leadership for the future
  • Finally, find out what Georgia would do if she was given 15 minutes to do ANYTHING AT ALL IN THE WORLD!!

Who knew it would involve Buckingham Palace…..!?

We hope you enjoy