How to choose your Rec2Rec?

November 30, 2020
Peter Bryant Head of Exec Talent - London

Have you ever struggled to find a rec2rec that works for you? At FIFTEEN WEST we continuously consult with our candidates in order to provide the best service possible, and as a result here are the five most important qualities they sought out when choosing their go to talent partner…

We asked our candidate network to consider what the 5 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS are when choosing your Rec2Rec. Here is what they said:


What and who do they know?

Choose one that can prove they have strong market knowledge, super strong relationships with their clients and know everything about the hiring managers down to the team level.  

Find one that supplies market intel, relevant to you preferably.  

Check out the LinkedIn references on their profile, speak to placed candidates and ask about their experiences.

Past performance is generally a good indicator of future performance.

2. PARTNERSHIPS not placements

Choose a Rec2Rec that is focused on the partnership and long-term relationship with you – someone who you can confide in and ask for advice and support throughout.

Choose someone who mirrors your values and your quality expectation, and one that will advise and discuss continuously throughout your career.

Choose one 12 months in advance, who has market knowledge and a track record of adding value to candidates outside of a process.  


Any Rec2Rec worth their salt, will be asking you what you expect of them and will be constantly working to exceed expectations.

Set out what your ambitions and goals are in advance, and ensure the conversation is around achieving these.


How they communicate with you will be a true reflection on how they will run their processes. Go with someone who wants to meet you – this is essential and so often overlooked.  

The 7% rule says that when communicating, we speak 55% with body language or facial expression, 38% with the tone of your voice and only 7% with your actual spoken words. To understand a person’s drivers and fit for a role, you MUST meet them!

Go with someone who calls when they say they will call, who will help when they say they will help and hold them accountable for it.


When it benefits you, not just them! Work with a Rec2Rec who understands the importance of regular contact, even when they are not working active mandates for you.  

These are the consultants who understand that long term relationships, are vital to both your success as well as theirs  

Have TRUST and FAITH in the process