Nadia's Story - moving into a leadership role in New York

Nadia , Spencer Ogden

What inspired you to work with FIFTEEN WEST?

The first time I spoke to someone at FIFTEEN WEST it was pleasant. At the time I was not looking for a job however and I created a genuine friendship with Sara and she really understood what I envisioned for my career and also knew I was on a visa which she never saw as an obstacle.

I was confident that if/when I’m ready to look for a new role I would contact FIFTEEN WEST. The ladies over at FIFTEEN WEST all embody the right caring characteristics which is rare to find in the recruiting industry.

Sara came to me with an opportunity and at the time was not on the market however she enticed me by telling me more about the company. As mentioned she knew what I envisioned for my career, so I decided to interview and everything Sara mentioned was exactly that. Throughout the process she was very much available and responsive. It was the best experience I have had dealing with an agency. 

They provided consistency, especially Sara, we built a really good relationship over a couple of years although at the time I was not on the market. Sara was consistent and genuine with her approach.

How has the new job impacted your life?

Sara knew I wanted a job that was going to be my last job. I wanted to find a company that invested in me and vice versa. 

Any advice for those looking to getting into recruitment?  

Recruiting is all about consistency and being organized. 

Would you recommend FIFTEEN WEST to others?

 Absolutely, which I do. They are my go-to recruiters.