Antony's story - making moves in Crypto

Antony , M-Wek

What inspired you to work with FIFTEEN WEST?

As a London based recruiter we get 20-30 messages a week from Rec to Rec’s but the way Kelly approached me was different so I replied outlining that I am happy and probably too expensive , she replied saying that if I am serious about the Crypto/Metaverse space then I need to talk to Mark. The rest is history.

Kelly was amazing, she wasn’t blowing smoke and had obviously done her research on me and that makes a huge difference as I get so much rubbish sent to me. Her follow on is outstanding and I really feel I have another business friend that I can rely on. Also she is now helping me build my team and the business with ease.

How has your new job impacted your life? 

My life has changed so much as I was falling out of love with recruitment and for a senior person with many years of experience I have learnt so much from M ark and the team here. Also I get to be myself and  build our industry leading Metaverse platform… More details in the new year!

Any advice for others on their job search?

Be honest and look for the right company that you feel compatible in, try not to be the best guy in the room if you want to develop and grow.

Would you recommend FIFTEEN WEST to others? 

I have been very impressed with the performance of Kelly and the team at FIFTEEN WEST, I would definitely recommend you or your business to use them!