Connway's story - Relocating from Dubai to New York

Connway, M-Wek

What inspired you to work with FIFTEEN WEST?

After spending 4 years in the Middle East, I had started to explore the idea of looking at other international markets with no real idea or direction on where I might like to go. This is something that can be quite overwhelming to some but I had Kelly throughout the entire process to help me along the way.

How has your new job impacted your life? 

It is extremely difficult to describe what this opportunity in NYC has done for me not only on a professional level but a deeply personal level as well. This gives me the chance to operate at a level not many recruiters get to experience. Working in recruitment and search in the US is like no market I’ve come across and I’ve recruited across 5 key markets globally. It has impacted me on a professional level dealing with tier 1 financial institutions that other markets did not give me access to, it has also allowed me to flex the skills gained over the last 4 years working in an emerging recruitment market. I wouldn’t be being transparent if I didn’t also mention the financial incentives that the US market offers. The fee levels in the US are stronger than other markets I have operated in over the last 7 years.

Any advice for others on their job search?

My advice for finding a new opportunity in the recruitment world is to really sit down with yourself and figure out what are your personal values and professional values. Finding something new after that is extremely easy. Our founder and I have a unique synergy when it comes to our professional and personal values and those are the foundation on which a truly exceptional business is built. I would also suggest working with a recruiter that has placed multiple people into the same business, this showcases their relationship with the client and they can be a spokesperson for that companies culture. 

Would you recommend FIFTEEN WEST to others? 

To anyone seeking a new opportunity in the US I cannot recommend Kelly highly enough. All reasons mentioned above. Her intimate knowledge of her clients wants, needs, desires and goals. Her world class level of service, to taking multiple calls in different time zones and ultimately really understanding my wants and needs to match me to an incredible founder and incredible business.