Krissy's story: Moving from London to New York

Karysca Gill, Selby Jennings

What inspired you to reach out to FIFTEEN WEST?

The teams’ professionalism and clear knowledge of the recruitment market was impressive to me. They clearly knew which positions would suit me and why, with alignment to my career goals and frustrations. I also felt that FIFTEEN WEST was ‘family-led’ and had the feeling that they really cared for me and I always support a growing business and the bravery and skill it takes to be successful in that.

How has the new job impacted your life?

This role is my dream job! I’ve wanted to get into a larger market with more clients and candidates and that’s what this gave me. The work culture is also brilliant, with my colleagues being my friends too.

Any advice for those looking to relocate to the USA?

At first, it will be a culture shock and an adjustment. However, once you get acclimatized, you will have the best time. The recruitment market out here is much bigger and they compensate higher, so you’ll have a broader client and candidate base and get paid more! Best of all, the people are super friendly and welcoming.

Would you recommend FIFTEEN WEST to others?