Matt's story - Relocating from Adelaide to New York

Matthew Thornett , GQR Global Markets

What inspired you to work with FIFTEEN WEST?

Sara and Lisa gave in depth explanations on their clients and supported me throughout the process of making my move from Australia to the US. I knew they were the experts in recruitment roles in the USA.

How has the new job impacted your life?

I’ve been with my company for 2 years already! It was the best decision of my life to date. It gave me the opportunity to work in one of the greatest cities in the world (NYC), learn and gain global knowledge within the recruitment space, and set my partner and I up financially.

Any advice for those looking to relocate to New York?

Have some financial backing to use for upfront costs (housing and cost of living is expensive in NYC). Organize time for opening bank accounts, obtaining social security card, State ID/Driver’s License. Be prepared to be a “yes” person. This will help you build friendship groups and have a support base/family away from home. Learn the Subway system (commute is simple and cheap in NYC).

Would you recommend FIFTEEN WEST to others?

I’ve recommended FIFTEEN WEST to multiple recruiters already. They are two of the most supportive people I’ve met in the industry and understood how big my move was going to be.